Carpet Cleaning for Protectant


Get the most life out of your carpets & upholstery

  • Helps to resist soil, making carpets easier to clean
  • Resisting specialty stains from setting in

  • Helps prevent traffic lanes from being worn down
  • Preserves the life of your carpets and furniture​

Protectant is a spray we can apply to your furniture or carpets after cleaning. It creates an invisible barrier around fibers that improves their resistance to water based stains, dry soil, and wear and tear from everyday use. Since dry soils can shorten the life of fabrics and carpet fibers, protectant can help avoid permanent damage to your furniture and carpets. Hence, protectant combined with regular cleaning helps your carpets and upholstery to look great for years. We have also observed that carpets and upholstery cleans up a lot easier when the protectant was applied previously.

​We use Prochem Brand protectors for long lasting effects and to help prevent any future staining of your furniture and carpets.
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